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UF PRO’s goal with the new Striker Stealth Smock was to design a combat jacket that not only allows you to stow a lot of gear, but that is also extremely comfortable to wear when it is fully loaded.  The result is not only a new smock, its a completely new load carriage system. With its modular pocket configuration, the Striker Stealth Smock can hold up to 15kg of gear, and its integrated load bearing system distributes and carries the weight more comfortably and stable when the smock is loaded up.


The pocket configuration is another key element of the Stealth Smock. With an integrated PALS system it allows the set up of at least 4 pouches*, and with the built-in 7 pockets it provides sufficient space for storing all your essential gear for a short term mission.

*The UF PRO® Stealth pouches are not included and can be ordered separately.

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