Sandstorm and Badlands in the Arizona desert

Recently, our friends at Predator BDU got out into the desert and took some great photos of our PenCott Badlands and Sandstorm patterns in their natural habitat…

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Featured in the photos are the Combat Pack XII M.E.C. from Ares Armor and Predator BDU, and prototype ACUs and Boonie Hats.


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OPSGEAR now selling Drop Zone Tactical RECCE Smocks in PenCott camouflage

US-based tactical gear mega-source OPSGEAR is now selling Drop Zone Tactical’s legendary RECCE Smocks in PenCott camo.

Offered as a non-inventory item, the smocks are made-to-order at a $40.00 savings over the normal retail price.  At the present time, GreenZone is the only PenCott option but Drop Zone Tactical have announced previously that Badlands will be added to their line-up soon as well.


PenCott – “Things are easy when you’re big in Japan”

According to the ’80’s synth-pop hit from Alphaville, “things are easy when you’re big in Japan”.  And,  judging from what we’ve seen so far, the “PenCott Uniform” from Japanese airsoft gear producer/retailer RAG Industries is well on its way to becoming a big thing…

Made from our milspec, vat-printed, 50/50 Nylon-Cotton ripstop fabric, the price for a complete set of the RAG Industries PU is approximately $230 US.

To see some great photos of the PenCott Uniform in situ, check out the gallery at: HongKongMania.MilitaryBlog.

Or, just check out the sneak peaks below:



AIRSOFT ACTION magazine profiles Hyde Definition and PenCott camouflage

Published in the UK, Airsoft Action is sure to be of interest, whether you’re already an airsoft player, or are just interested in this sport / hobby which continues to grow by leaps and bounds in both popularity and respect.  Airsoft Action brings the best and broadest coverage of all things airsoft related every month.

Besides the usual gun and equipment reviews, site and event reports, video game reviews and real-deal skills and equipment features, the upcoming December issue of Airsoft Action features an in-depth look at the development and deployment of PenCott camouflage.  By the way, that’s former US Navy SEAL sniper, “Top Shot” expert and Tactical Insider, Craig Sawyer featured in the main photo (Craig’s wearing the 2-piece sniper suit from SOD Gear – photo by Cole Wellendorf).

Click on the link below to read the article (or pick up a copy of the magazine):



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Whiskey Two-Four Expands Clothing Line

Whiskey Two-Four produces made-to-order tactical sports gear, and every product they carry is every hand-made in the USA.

They’ve been making waves recently with their numerous vest, pouch, and load carrying belt options and now they look set to do the same with their clothing line.

WTF Pants



Hooded Uniform Shirt


Check out WTF’s website for full details of their clothing line.

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