0241 Tactical has been steadily becoming a one-stop-shop for PenCott® camouflage clothing and accessories in the US market.  Now they’ve teamed up with SixKa / 707 Tactical Gear to bring reasonably-priced PenCott® camouflage field / combat clothing to the US market.

The SixKa EON6 Combat Shirt has a large collar that can be worn up or down. Quarter-length zipper front closure for comfort while wearing body armor or load bearing equipment. Moisture-wicking chest, back, and under-arm material provides breathability while wearing body armor or gear. Velcro-faced shoulder pockets with Velcro closure. Seamless underarm construction with flat-lock seams for comfort. Jersey Knit 85% nylon 15% spandex with flat seem construction. Sleeves are made from U.S. made 7.5 oz. (220 grams.) rip-stop 50/50 Nyco fade resistant fabric.

SixKa BDU Pants are made from US milspec 50/50 Nylon-Cotton rip-stop fabric that performs well in all environments. The pants are loaded with special features, including cargo pockets with Velcro closures, reinforced front and rear pockets, elasticized waistband and a roomy crotch with a stretch fabric gusset provides a perfect fit and comfort/maneuverability.

The SixKa Advanced Tactical Shirt uses hook-and-loop-backed attachments to secure items such as rank insignia and shoulder patches and tabs. The Mandarin collar can be worn up in to fit with load bearing equipment, or worn in the down position for better ventilation. The front closure is zippered and reinforced with Velcro. The slanted chest pockets, cuff adjustments, and elbow pad insert pockets also utilize Velcro closure. There is a three slot pen pocket on the left arm of the jacket.

Combat Pants and Boonie Hats are coming soon too – stay tuned…..


0241 Tactical introduces PenCott® camo garments – and more…

Founded in March 2012 by two military veterans, 0241Tactical produces no-nonsense, high quality and affordable products that offer protection from the elements and enhance individual camouflage and concealment.

0241Tactical has been mostly known for their range of goggle and rucksacks covers and other tactical accessory products, but as of this year they have also begun expanding their product range to include garments – and in particular, to address the demand in the US and North American market for more affordable PenCott® camouflage garments.

Recently the company introduced its “Tactical Operator’s Pullover” (TOP) jacket.  The TOP answered the market demand for a simple, baggy, hooded anorak style pull-over that provides an extremely effective and cost-effective camouflage solution without a load of unnecessary ‘tacticool’ bells-and-whistles.


Now 0241Tactical has also released their “Tactical Operator’s Pants” that follow the same design ethos of simplicity, practicality and cost-effectiveness.  The pants feature thigh-level cargo pocket, back pockets, reinforced knees and drawstring ankle closures.

13001323_1159446684073627_695558847756528556_n Read more


0241 Tactical have been busy expanding and enhancing their portfolio of PenCott® camouflage products.

First up, 0241Tactical’s Goggle Covers have been redesigned with new scratch resistant inner lining. This was done at no additional cost – price remains the same as it was in 2015.


They’ve also introduced Cinch Bags made from waterproof 70-Denier ripstop nylon GreenZone® fabric. Perfect for sleeping bags or anything else you need to give protection from moisture. The bags are available in two sizes: Regular – 12″ Diameter X 16″ Tall, and Large – 14″ Diameter X 22″ Tall.


0241 Tactical has also recently introduced Custom Shemaghs which are 44 X 44 inches square with a rolled hem along the edge to prevent fraying and rips. Their Shemagh will provide protection from direct sun exposure, as well to protect the mouth and eyes from blown dust and sand. Additionally (and unlike typical Shemaghs) these Shemaghs will also enhance your overall camouflage scheme by blending perfectly with your PenCott® uniform and equipment.Choose between single sided Shemaghs or double-sided with your choice of PenCott® patterns to be used together.  This is a limited run of items so get them while you can!

f1bcde5c-1b54-456f-bfa1-74ac3c7404c00241 Tactical also recently announced that their Tarps and Rucksack Covers would be available soon in water-resistant, 50D polyester SnowDriffabric.


0241 is also now offering their Wet/Dry Mesh Bags in GreenZone®.  These bags keep your gear safe, clean, and organized for storage or transportation. These bags are also great for holding wet or dirty clothing or kit that you want to keep separate from the rest of your gear.


And last (but not least!), 0241 Tactical has just launched the first product from their new garment line – the Tactical Operators Parka, or TOP anorak.  Two versions available Rain Pullover and Ripstop Operator’s Jacket. Simple in design and affordable for everyone from airsofters to real-steal operator’s. 0241Tactical will be the sole seller (product sold from producer directly to customer means no mark-up!).  Built using genuine Mil-Spec materials with quality American construction. Available in GreenZone® and BadLands®Limited quantities will be available, all orders are built as orders are placed.


  • Large Hood
  • Arm Pocket x2 with velcro loop on pockets (Rain Jackets do not have arm pockets)
  • Draw string waist
  • Draw string hood


  • $49.00 – Rain Jackets
  • $55.00 Ripstop Pullover Jackets

12650817_1111635798854716_4766373325182341452_nCheck out the full range of PenCott® gear at www.0241Tactical.com.

PenCott™ camouflage now available on 70D ripstop nylon through MMI Textiles

Mil-Spec grade and Berry-compliant, 70D ripstop nylon fabric with a DWR finish and a PU-backing is now available in PenCott-GreenZone™ camouflage from MMI Textiles.


This 70D ripstop nylon fabric is perfect for tent flies, hammocks, bashas, groundsheets, rucksack covers, and any other application that requires a light-weight, waterproof, and exceptionally well-camouflaged solution.  In fact, bashas and rucksack covers made from GreenZone 70D ripstop nylon fabric are currently available from 0241 Tactical and M-Threat Industries.

11001904_662731130503580_3103696934713605873_n56To purchase fabric, and to see the whole range of PenCott camouflage fabrics now available (including unfinished 500D Cordura nylon – perfect for lamination projects) visit MMI Textiles PenCott camouflage web page.

PenCott-GreenZone™ individual tarpaulins from 0241 Tactical

Whether you call it a ‘Basha’ or a shelter-half, 0241 Tactical’s large 90″ X 60″ tarpaulins provide an excellent cover for sheltering your gear, or you, from the elements – and from sight. 


0241 Tactical’s new PenCott-GreenZone™ tarpaulins are made from Berry-Compliant, milspec-level, USA made and printed 70D ripstop nylon treated with a durable water resistant finish and a urethane back-coating.  They are made from a single sheet of material to ensure full waterproof protection, and feature 8 reinforced one-inch D-Rings at the corners and along the sides to provide rope attachment points for tying down or suspending the tarp.


For full details about 0241 Tactical’s Tarpaulin range, and/or to order, click here.

To view the rest of 0241’s PenCott line-up, including balaclavas and rucksack covers, click here.


0241 Tactical adds the PenCott™ family to their portfolio

0241 Tactical are well known as a producer of a range of camouflaged tactical gear accessory items – such as tarps, rucksack covers, goggle covers, balaclavas, neck gaiters, etc.

Now, just in time for the SHOT Show, 0241 Tactical has released several of their products featuring the PenCott family of patterns – including the very first ever stretch-woven products in PenCott camouflage!


More details, and more products, will follow soon – for now, check out the dedicated PenCott page on 0241 Tactical’s webshop.