Saint George Defence Group of Serbia to produce tactical clothing and gear in PenCott patterns

The Saint George Defence Group is a new company from Serbia, with a good pedigree and a mission to make field proven clothing and gear for real-deal special operations professionals.

SGDG is working on its own range of clothing and equipment produced with military-grade quality from military-grade raw-materials.  The company offers its products to police, military, security services and all others who have a need for high-quality, practical, field-proven tactical gear.

SGDG’s flagship product is the Field Combat Uniform (FCU) designed for members of  army and police special units and is offered exclusively in black and the PenCott family of camouflage patterns:

The photos below show more detail of the Gen.I FCU shirt and trousers which have already seen service with Serbian military and police special units.  The upcoming Gen.II version replaces Velcro tabs for closing the pockets with slotted buttons.

SGDG will also be adding hats and other matching individual equipment to their line-up in the near future as well.

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PenCott on sale – “H.45” retail store opens in Jakarta

Indonesian entrepreneur, military uniform collector, and self-confessed camouflage addict, Arie Setya Yudha, passed a significant milestone last week when the “H.45” retail store opened as his agent in Jakarta.

Arie’s company Molay Military Uniform Division aims to provide comfortable, durable, efficient military-grade garments and gear for real-deal and mil-sim tactical use.  The company’s focus is 100% on function not fashion and every piece in their range is designed and crafted in Indonesia, using top quality materials sourced globally.

The H.45 store takes its name from the first letter of a well-known Indonesian war cry, and from 1945 – the year that Indonesia declared its independence from The Netherlands.  And .45 is of course also the calibre of a certain legendary pistol.  Arie and his business partners put all of these elements together, and created what is probably the coolest and most modern-looking store for tactical goods that we have ever seen.

Store details:

Jl Bulevard Artha Gading, Sentra Bisnis Artha Gading
Blok A 7D no 9
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta 14240

tel. 021 458 572 36


There are plans afoot for H.45 to also have an e-commerce enabled website in the not too distant future.

In the meantime, Molay Military Uniform Division has also had success in designing a new tactical uniform for the Indonesian National Police’s “Gegana” SWAT unit – known as the Peacekeeping Uniform (or PKU).


The PKU is also available commercially in PenCott camouflage patterns, and is already selling well in Indonesia and beyond.



Check out Molay Military Uniform Division on Facebook for full details about the PKU.


PenCott camouflage photographed in the Visual, near-Infra-Red and near-Ultraviolet spectrum

The good folks at UVR Defense Tech have been conducting some independent experiments with samples of our GreenZone and Badlands printed NyCo ripstop fabrics, and they kindly sent us a few photographs recently showing some of the results of their work.

UVR Defense Tech holds a US patent for “camouflage in the near-Ultraviolet spectrum” and their UVRC product range is the only camouflage system designed for the near-ultraviolet spectrum.  UVR Defense Tech was formed around the need to address the threat created by the availability of inexpensive, UV-imaging equipment that has made near-ultraviolet camouflage a necessity for the modern battlefield.

In the photo below we see the results using PenCott-Badlands. The left panel in each image has been covered with PenCott-Badlands that has treated with the patented “UVRC-A 7%” from UVR Defense Tech.  “UVRC-A 7%” is a permanent micro-thin nano-particle film that is transparent to the visible and near-IR wavelengths, but reflects an amount of ultraviolet light consistent with the environment. In this example, the UVRC-A 7% treated fabric blends with the natural foliage that reflects up to 7% of the ambient ultraviolet light.

From top to bottom, the images show – Visible Light, near-IR, and near-UV (left panel treated with UVRC-A 7%, right panel untreated):


In this sequence we see panels of Badlands photographed at a range of 40 metres (left panel treated with UVRC-A 7%, right panel untreated):


And finally, in this photo we see a swatch of GreenZone NyCo fabric photographed close-up in the near-Infra-Red spectrum, with a leaf from a bush placed on top to show the comparative amount of IR reflectance from each.


For more information about the full range of UVR Defense Tech’s near-Ultraviolet solutions, visit their website at:


More GreenZone Goodness from Drop Zone Tactical

Drop Zone Tactical in Alberta, Canada continues to add to their list of products in PenCott-GreenZone camouflage….

The latest addition to the portfolio is the “Mutha Ruka” long range recce pack – inspired by the classic British Army Bergen pack, but updated and improved in many ways.  Check out the Mutha Ruka product page on Drop Zone Tactical’s website for the full story.


Drop Zone Tactical’s GreenZone portfolio now includes the following items:

For more information about these products, follow the links above, or contact Drop Zone Tactical via e-mail at, or through their Facebook page.

Watch out for our “Badlands” and “Snowdrift” patterns to be added to Drop Zone Tactical’s portfolio soon as well.