Buyer Beware!

‘Caveat emptor’ is Latin for “Let the buyer beware” and unfortunately this old admonition is also true with regard to purchasing PenCottcamouflage fabric.

Unfortunately, we have seen several examples recently of rejected off-color and other types of ‘second-quality’ PenCott camouflage fabric turning up on eBay and other online wholesale outlets being sold as good quality material.  Some customers have already been duped by the low prices on the per-yard fabric and/or by low shipping rates.

PLEASE NOTE: All of the ‘PenCott’ fabric that’s coming through these discount wholesalers is 2nd quality or off-color fabric that we rejected and didn’t take into stock.  It was sold off by the print mill as off-quality goods, but sometimes these wholesalers don’t tell you that in the product description – so be careful, read the product description, and ask the seller to clarify where and how they got the fabric.

Why does it matter?

If its not genuine first-quality fabric, there could be one or more problems with it – such as; the colors being off, the colors will fade quickly, the fabric will shrink too much when its washed, etc.

The only truly authentic, genuine, first-quality PenCott fabrics are the ones that that have been or are being sold by us (Hyde Definition), MMI Textiles or Tacticaltrim.

Another unfortunate situation which has come to our attention is that the PenCott patterns have also been illegally copied in China, Indonesia and apparently in the Ukraine as well.  These counterfeit patterns have so far been seen on 1000D textured nylon and poly-cotton ripstop fabrics.


TNI Expo 3

Some finished products have also appeared on the market made from these counterfeit fabrics – such as the BDU shown above and  ‘replica’ Crye Precision Combat Uniform seen below.


Fake PenCott patterns have also shown up in the Ukraine and on the Polish equivalent of eBay.



PLEASE NOTE: We are pursuing legal action against the counterfeiters, and we will also take action against any retailer who offers finished goods made from these counterfeit fabrics.

To make sure you’re buying gear or clothing made with genuine, first-quality PenCott camouflage materials, check the listings of gear and garment makers on our website.

Get the edge – get GENUINE PenCott camouflage!

PenCott-BadLands™ camouflage features in upcoming “Halo: Nightfall” series

Scott Free Productions and 343 Industries Press Release, July 24, 2014:

San Diego Comic-Con – 343 Industries and Scott Free Productions gave show-goers and the Halo Nation a first look at “Halo: Nightfall”, the original live-action digital series executive produced by Ridley Scott set to release this November on Xbox.


Taking place between the events of “Halo 4” and “Halo 5: Guardians”, “Halo: Nightfall” follows the original story of legendary manhunter Jameson Locke (Mike Colter) and his team as they are caught in a horrific terrorist attack while investigating terrorist activity on the distant colony world of Sedra. Led by Locke, the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) agents are forced to coordinate with a Sedran commander with a remarkable history and deep-rooted mistrust of ONI.

Watch the Official “HALO: Nightfall” trailer


As the plot unravels, they’re drawn to an ancient, hellish artifact where they’re forced to fight for their survival, question everything, and ultimately choose between their loyalties and their lives. Agent Locke is a new character in the Halo universe poised to play a major role in “Halo 5: Guardians” releasing on Xbox One in 2015.


Members of the Colonial Guard forces on planet Sedra wearing Helikon-Tex CPUs, in PenCott-BadLands™ camouflage.

Led by world class talent such as executive producer Ridley Scott (Alien, Bladerunner, Blackhawk Down, Gladiator, etc.), Scott Free TV President David Zucker, award-winning director Sergio Mimica-Gezzan (Battlestar Galactica, Pillars of the Earth, Heroes), and written by Paul Scheuring (A Man Apart, Prison Break), “Halo: Nightfall” takes full advantage of Xbox One’s seamless blend of high-quality visuals and rich interactive storytelling features, connecting the games and the series in innovative new ways.


One of the main characters wearing Helikon-Tex CPU in PenCott-BadLands™.

“In science fiction, we’re always searching for new frontiers. We’re drawn to the unknown,” said Scott. “With ‘Halo: Nightfall’, we’re pioneering a new medium in terms of interactive storytelling on Xbox.  It’s going to be fun for long-time fans to see how the worlds come together with an ambition to attract new fans along the way with what we’ve created.


A close-up of the “Colonial Guard” battle dress uniform (Helikon-Tex Combat Patrol Uniform) in PenCott-BadLands™.

“Halo: Nightfall” is included as part of the “Halo: The Master Chief Collection” and will be accessible digitally on Xbox Live beginning on November 11, 2014.  “Halo: Nightfall” is a 5 episode live-action series – streaming only – with episodes releasing on a weekly basis. Xbox One or Windows 8.1 and broadband internet required; ISP fees apply.


Visit the series website for more details:

Want a set of BDUs like the ones worn in the series?  Visit


Announcing PenCott-BlackOps™

With our innovative PenCott™ family of patterns Hyde Definition aims to provide the most effective multi-environment camouflage schemes available on the commercial and military markets. 

BW_PenCott logo VERDANA_square edgeThe PenCott™ patterns are unique in the way they combine the best of analogue and digital camouflage design principles, and include the following unique features and advantages:

  • 3-in-1 / 360° pattern geometry – the inclusion of large, medium and small fractal shapes makes the patterns effective at close, mid, and long range.
  • Depth + Blending + Disruption – the combination of multi-sized fractal shapes, high-difference boundaries and hypoacuitive dithering creates the illusion of depth and disrupts the shape of the wearer.
  • Complex tones and textures – the complex pattern textures and tones deliver superior disruption and blending performance than other patterns.


Hyde Definition now announces our long-awaited “urban” pattern PenCott-BlackOps™ – first seen as a sneak-preview for SPARTANAT at the IWA exhibition in Nuremberg

In the photo below our Director of Business Development and Marketing, Lawrence Holsworth, is wearing a Tactical Polo in PenCott-BlackOps™PenCott-BlackOps™ will be available exclusively on Silent Knight™ noiseless, stain resistance, static-free, knit fabric.


Designed specifically for law enforcement, government agency and military special operations units – as well functionally extremely well as a “lifestyle pattern” – PenCott-BlackOps™ enables the tactical operator to operationally own the night and dominate the fight.  The darkness of the PenCott-BlackOps™ pattern will compliment units’ existing black kit and is also the ideal pattern for the blackest of black ops.  Whether you’re a down-range or downtown operator – PenCott-BlackOps™ is the perfect pattern for disappearing into the shadows of the man-made landscape, and for projecting a an intimidating, show-of-force image to visually and psychologically dominate your opponents.

night on earth

PenCott-BlackOps™ is the first truly universal / global pattern that operationally enhances the tactical operator’s ability to own the night and dominate the fight.  That’s why we call it “Mission Critical Camouflage“.


 april fools….

Winter is coming….. get ready with a special offer on PenCott-SnowDrift™ NyCo fabric

Brace yourself – winter is coming…


But have no fear,



is here!

And we’re going to make it easier than ever for you to bring this awesome pattern to your customers.  For a limited time, we are offering our milspec, ripstop NyCo SnowDrift fabric with a durable water-resistant finish at the special price of only $9.80 per yard – minimum order quantity 5 yards.


Contact for further info, or to place an order.

Good Guys wear GreenZone™

Although PenCott™ patterns are in use with a number of elite police and military special operations units, its not very often that photographs emerge of these units wearing the patterns in action.

However, last week a photograph appeared of Austria’s elite SWAT unit “Einsatzkommando COBRA” in action during the operation to apprehend a poacher who’d murdered a paramedic and 3 policemen.

27133225copyright Wolfgang Atzenhofer, Kurier.AT

Above:  an EKO COBRA scout/sniper team prepare their equipment as armed officers surrounded, and later stormed, the farmhouse complex where the perpetrator had barricaded himself in.  The perpetrator was found dead – from a self-inflicted gun shot.  The COBRA team is wearing boonie hats, Special Forces Smocks and Sniper Trousers from SABRE.

Good Guys wear BadLands™

Major (Ret.) Dean Williams MBE, PENCARI Training Solutions, instructing Kenyan special forces troops in the art of combat tracking during a recent training exercise.


Major Williams used a set of our “Pathfinder” BDUs in BadLands™ throughout the training exercise.  According to Major Williams, the BadLands camo pattern was an excellent match for the terrain, and BDUs were an excellent tool for the job as well.


Dean spent 26 years serving in the British Royal Marine Commandos in a myriad of specialist units, serving at every rank from Marine to Major.  Dean also has experience in the commercial training sector, and he is the visionary behind PENCARI’s development. PENCARI means ‘Searcher or Seeker’ in Bahasa Malay. It was while serving in Borneo in SE Asia, initially as the Training Officer and then the Officer Commanding the UK Military’s Jungle Warfare and Combat Tracking School that Dean recognised the need for an intelligent and focussed training delivery organisation that continually ‘seeks’ and strives for the very latest techniques in training design, concept and delivery.

For further info about PENCARI’s services please contact them at:


Operation Rhino: Silent Heroes Foundation Special Interdiction Unit in training

We have received a set of photos from South Africa of the SHF SIU conducting training to prepare for their operational deployment. 

In the photos you can see their Combat Patrol Uniforms from Helikon-Tex in PenCott-BadLands™ camouflage – also visible in the photos are Alpha Tactical Caps and Silent Warrior Combat Shirts from Molay Taktika, as well as Kit Bags and Backpacks from Hill People Gear.

1098517_617562498274720_632893200_n  969437_617562551608048_599704464_n  970898_617562834941353_1619185460_n  1013291_617562661608037_1862163357_n  1146625_617562481608055_815235170_n  1170815_617562794941357_972480356_n  DSC_0067hpg  DSC_0046  DSC_0027  DSC_0064  DSC_0082  DSC_0070  DSC_0091

According to Team Leader Anton du Plessis:  “The uniforms and colours are ideal for African conditions and the quality is SUPERB.”


Leo Koehler PenCott™ camouflage garments now available through RECON COMPANY

Renowned German military and outdoor clothing and equipment retailer RECON COMPANY has expanded their portfolio of products featuring PenCott™ camouflage patterns.

The latest additions to the line are the “Combat Shirt”, “KSK Einsatzkampfhose” and “KSK Einsatzkampfjacke / Smock” designs from Leo Koehler – in the GreenZone™ and BadLands™ patterns.



Check out the full line-up of Leo Koehler, UF PRO and SABRE products in PenCott at: