SEALS Action Gear now North America distributor of UF PRO gear!

Aficionados of the superb gear made by the Slovenian company UF PRO have long lamented the lack of a distributor on the American side of the Atlantic…

Well, lament no more – that gap has now been filled by the bad-asses at SEALS Action Gear of Calgary, Alberta, Canada!  SEALS will now be carrying the full line of UF PRO professional-grade tactical garments in all the colors and camouflage patterns that UF PRO provides.


The line-up includes UF PRO’s new Striker HT trousers in PenCott-BadLands® (pictured above); as well as the renowned Striker XT BDU system and Monsoon SmallPac in PenCott-GreenZone®.


Contact SEALS Action Gear for full details on pricing and availability. You can also visit UF PRO’s website for further product details.

SEALS Action Gear announces PenCott® camouflage product line

Founded in 1993, SEALS Action Gear is now owned and operated by a team of veterans from the Canadian Forces and the British Special Forces, and has provided a wide selection of battle-proven and highly specialized tactical clothing and equipment to law-enforcement, military and security special operators. The company’s clothing and equipment has been proven under extreme field-usage in North America, the Middle East, South America, the Balkans, Africa and South-East Asia.

For the past several months, SEALS Action Gear has been prototyping and tweaking updates to several of their existing in-house designs, and producing them in PenCott-GreenZone® and PenCott-BadLands® camouflage patterns as well.

Tactical Field Smock

The version 4.4 of SEALS’ Tactical Field Smock is based on the classic SAS smock, but with an even greater load carrying capacity. Externally, there are four generous box pockets on the front of the smock, each secured with a flap and covered buttons, to prevent snagging. Internally, there are four more large pockets in the front, two of which can be reached through vertical covered zippers on the chest, while the lower ones can be accessed from the inside. There is also a large “poachers” pocket in the rear panel, with access from both sides. The sleeve pockets on the 4.4 model have been re-designed at the request of operators from Canada’s most elite unit and now feature a front vertical zipper as well as loop strips for ID patches.

SEALS Action Gear Smock - GreenZone

SEALS Action Gear Smock - GreenZone sleeve pocket

SEALS Action Gear Smock - GreenZone interior pockets

The entire smock is designed to be loose fitting, for maximum mobility and for wear with a liner or over body armor. Double drawstrings at the waist and bottom provide adjustment, and the sleeves have a snag-free snap wrist adjustment at the cuff. A high collar and large removable hood, combined with a wind flap over the zipper, ensures maximum comfort in cold and windy weather.

The Tactical Field Smock in GreenZone® and BadLands® camouflage patterns is made from mil-spec quality 50/50 NyCo ripstop material woven and printed in the USA.

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COMING SOON: BDUs and Boonie Hats from SEALS Action Gear

SEALS Action Gear have kicked off the New Year by releasing some sneak peak photos of their signature Tactical Field Shirt and Tactical Field Pants in PenCott GreenZoneand BadLands™.

This is great news for all the folks in North America who’ve been waiting for some reasonably-priced, domestically-produced uniforms and headgear in the PenCott patterns.  Together with gear from Tactical Tailor, now end-users in North America will be able to kit themselves up with a full PenCott loadout.

10931409_430520287103788_2275490979759337592_n  10931277_430520083770475_34762989383799685_n 10931277_430520090437141_9198980483769325602_n

SEALS Action Gear’s Tactical Field Shirt is made from genuine PenCott-printed Cordura brand 50/50 NyCo ripstop fabric.  The shirt features their signature sleeve pocket design, and chest pockets that are slanted inward for easy reach.  The chest pockets also feature double pocket flaps, covering the buttons for maximum security and snag-resistance.   The front of the shirt features a covered front zipper closure with snaps on top and bottom.

The waist of the shirt is slightly tapered for comfortable wear in or outside the pants, depending on personal preference.  The elbows are reinforced with a double layer of 50/50 NyCo ripstop fabric and the cuffs are adjustable with snap closures.  The band collar can be worn down or up, to keep debris out and to protect the neck when wearing load-bearing vests and/or body armour.

10929895_430520143770469_7405834400739475568_n 10917403_430520070437143_829576258955601602_n

SEALS Action Gear’s Tactical Field Pants are made from genuine PenCott-printed Cordura brand 50/50 NyCo ripstop fabric and feature a unique waist adjustment system.  Other BDU-style pants use pull tabs with buckles which bunch up the fabric and create pressure points which chafe the skin, especially when wearing duty belts.  These pull tabs also distort the shape of the pants which creates a “sloppy” appearance.  SEALS Tactical Field Pants on the other hand, adjust to your exact waist size using a patented Velcro waist band which fits extremely comfortable and does NOT bunch up.

10422364_430520323770451_6772960319717948977_n 10898341_430520207103796_5682831562253411038_n

The belt loops are large enough for any military belt and a heavy duty nylon zipper is used in the fly.  Two large thigh pockets, two slant front pockets, two rear pockets and two calf pockets provide for plenty of load carrying capacity.  Double pocket flaps cover the buttons on the thigh and calf pockets and ensure that everything stays inside and buttons don’t get caught on stuff.  The seat and knees also feature a double layer of fabric for extra-durability.

Also released were photos of SEALS own wide-brimmed boonie hat.

10885034_430520087103808_1089203028079680758_n 10924787_430520157103801_2046015792945503304_n

Get ready for snow with SEALS Action Gear

Being located in Alberta, Canada, SEALS Action Gear probably know a bit about cold weather and snow – and it looks like they’re getting ready for in style this year – judging by the snapshots of their latest prototypes that they recently posted on their Facebook page.

First up is the latest incarnation of their famous SOFTIE Jacket / Liner.  What’s new about this version 4.1 ULTRA SOFTIE is that has been made fully-reversible, with MultiCam on one side and PenCott-SnowDrift™ on the other!  The ULTRA SOFTIE is ultra-lightweight and stuffable and comes with a free stuff-sack included.



Under its new ownership, SEALS Action Gear has also updated and upgraded the design of their tried-and-tested Combat Anorak 4.1.  The new Combat Anorak 4.2 features changes to the wrist cuffs, neck opening, hood, and arm pockets – as well as new additional rear “stash” pockets.

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SEALS Action Gear trials PenCott™

SEALS Action Gear of Canada is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year – and its no wonder they’ve been in business so long, besides stocking products from leading brands they also make great products under their own label.  Case in point – their “4.3 Tactical Field Pants” and “4.0 Combat Anorak” in PenCott-GreenZone™ seen below (BadLands and SnowDrift are under evaluation as well).

4.3 Tactical Field Pants – The 4.3 Tactical Field Pants feature SEALS unique waist adjustment system using a patented velcro waist band, large belt loops, a heavy duty nylon zipper in the fly, two large thigh pockets, two slant front pockets, two rear pockets and two calf pockets provide for plenty of load carrying capacity.  ‘Double’ pocket flaps cover the buttons on the thigh and calf pockets.

DSCN0927  DSCN0929  DSCN0930  DSCN0931

4.0 Combat Anorak – The 4.0 Combat Anorak is based on a US Army Combat Anorak design, with improved load carrying capacity; including a large zippered chest pocket, a roomy frontal “kangaroo” pocket with slanted access from both sides and small pockets on each sleeve with flap and velcro closure. The anorak is generously sized to allow an insulated liner to be worn underneath and features a high collar combined with a generous drawstring hood. Drawstrings at both the waist and bottom hem round off the design.

DSCN0932  DSCN0937  DSCN0938  DSCN0935

Contact John at SEALS Action Gear for further info about pricing and production: