UF PRO® – Monsoon Rain Shirt®

UF PRO® has introduced a new addition to their Monsoon waterproof range – the new Monsoon Rain Shirt® .


The lightweight, low bulk Monsoon Rain Shirt® from UF PRO® is specifically designed to be worn underneath a plate carrier, chest rig or other load-bearing gear. It’s made out of a special laminate mix, which makes the jacket thin, breathable and lightweight where it is covered with gear and very robust and extra durable wherever it is not.


Exposed areas, like shoulders, lower back and sleeves are made out of a robust and durable 3-layer laminate. The rest of the jacket is made out of an extremely lightweight and low bulk 2.5-layer laminate. Both laminates are based on a super breathable and reliably waterproof high-tech membrane. For better wear comfort and reduced risk of secondary fragments, there are no pockets or zipper pulls in the torso area.


In order to avoid the formation of so called “thermal bridges“ between your skin and the outside air, the Monsoon Rain Shirt has built-in air/pac inserts in the shoulder area. These 8mm thick mesh inserts give you the necessary insulation between your skin and the outside temperature and thus prevent cold air to transfer from the outside to your skin. Due to their 3D foam structure, the air/pac inserts also distribute the weight of plate carriers or rucksacks.


For unhindered vision and uncompromised hearing, the jacket has a special integrated hood system called the Hood/Harness. The harness comfortably connects your head to the hood and follows your head movements, allowing you unhindered vision in extreme weather conditions. And since there is no strapping needed, the space between your head and the laminate is kept clear for air circulation and doesn’t limit your hearing.

monsoon_rain_shirt_The Monsoon Rain Shirt® is currently available in PenCott-GreenZone® camouflage and in Brown-Grey.

The Monsoon Rain Shirt® is entirely made in Europe from premium, US and European military-grade, field-proven fabrics combined with UF PRO’s unique advanced lamination technology and design aesthetic.

Find out more here: ufpro.si/monsoon_rain_shirt


Limited quantities were made, so get one while they last!

UF PRO’s goal with the new Striker Stealth Smock was to design a combat jacket that not only allows you to stow a lot of gear, but that is also extremely comfortable to wear when it is fully loaded.  The result is not only a new smock, its a completely new load carriage system. With its modular pocket configuration, the Striker Stealth Smock can hold up to 15kg of gear, and its integrated load bearing system distributes and carries the weight more comfortably and stable when the smock is loaded up.


The pocket configuration is another key element of the Stealth Smock. With an integrated PALS system it allows the set up of at least 4 pouches*, and with the built-in 7 pockets it provides sufficient space for storing all your essential gear for a short term mission.

*The UF PRO® Stealth pouches are not included and can be ordered separately.

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UF PRO® introduces Gen.2 STRIKER XT BDU

After two years of gathering extensive feedback from field usage all over the world, plus lots of additional hours invested in perfecting even the smallest details – UF PRO® now introduces the new Gen.2 version of their Striker XT BDU system.

Since its introduction in 2014, the first generation of the Striker XT BDU’s became one of the most popular UF PRO® products and they promise that the new generation will push the standards even further.


The new Striker XT Combat Shirt offers the already proven air/pac® inserts in the shoulder area for weight distribution, a materials mix of polyester, cotton and merino and an anatomic and flexible elbow protection system. The Gen. 2 Shirt also has a longer front zipper, and the polyester/ merino armpit area is additionally reinforced with a nylon mesh for protection against abrasion.


Webbing on top of the lower sleeve pocket provides the flexibility for attaching the UF PRO® Device Pouch, or any other MOLLE compatible pouch.

The Striker XT Combat Pants are known for their hybrid structure, which allows the user unhindered movement with a smart pocket configuration and comfortable knee protection. The Gen.2 Pants have now even more stretch built in and offer a bigger and more easily accessible pocket configuration.  The camouflage versions now also have integrated camouflage Schoeller®-dynamic stretch panels.

Materials-Mix-Striker-XT-PantsThe 3-layer knee protection can be equipped with either a shock absorbing Flex Pad or with the new UF PRO® Flex- Soft Pad, which offers extra cushioning while kneeling down. Both pads can be reinforced with a penetration resistant UF PRO® Solid Pad.

The Gen.2 STRIKER XT BDU system is available in PenCott-GreenZone® and other camouflage patterns and solid colors.  For further details, visit UF PRO’s website, here.

Watch the video:



UF PRO’s cutting-edge combat / tactical STRIKER BDU system is now available in our BadLands® camouflage pattern as well as GreenZone®.

UF PRO BadLands - title

The set up includes their new STRIKER HT Pants, the STRIKER XT Combat Shirt, and the UF PRO Boonie Hat and Base Cap.

UF PRO BadLands2

All items are available to purchase through UF PRO’s website – as well as through their dealer network, including SEALS Action Gear for North America.

UF PRO BadLands

Click here to see more info as well as photos of the gear in use in the field.

SEALS Action Gear now North America distributor of UF PRO gear!

Aficionados of the superb gear made by the Slovenian company UF PRO have long lamented the lack of a distributor on the American side of the Atlantic…

Well, lament no more – that gap has now been filled by the bad-asses at SEALS Action Gear of Calgary, Alberta, Canada!  SEALS will now be carrying the full line of UF PRO professional-grade tactical garments in all the colors and camouflage patterns that UF PRO provides.


The line-up includes UF PRO’s new Striker HT trousers in PenCott-BadLands® (pictured above); as well as the renowned Striker XT BDU system and Monsoon SmallPac in PenCott-GreenZone®.


Contact SEALS Action Gear for full details on pricing and availability. You can also visit UF PRO’s website for further product details.


UF PRO® has announced their new Striker HT Pants- the ultimate combat pants for hot environments.  With the Striker HT’s special air flow system, state of the art knee protection, high-class fabric and component combinations and lots of other unique features, UF PRO® has yet again set the benchmark for modern high-performance tactical legwear.



The Striker HT Combat Pants are equipped with a new and very “cool” air flow system. Mesh lined openings in the groin area, together with opening knee protector pockets generate a cooling air flow in your upper leg and groin area with every step you take.



The Striker HT combat pants can be upgraded with two different knee pads:

  • Flex- Pads offer reliable and comfortable protection against impacts and additional cushioning while kneeling
  • Solid- Pads offer protection against penetration of sharp objects

Both layers are protected with a CORDURA® face fabric which provides extreme abrasion resistance. THE UF PRO® 3-LAYER KNEE PROTECTION SYSTEM

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UF PRO: Professionals’ Insight – The Full Series

With this video series from UF PRO, we’ve been following an elite team of soldiers deployed behind enemy lines performing a hostage rescue operation…

In Part I the team conducted a clandestine HALO insertion into enemy territory.  In Parts II and III we see their tactical procedures and the gear used when operating behind the lines,  moving into a covert OP, conducting the assault  and rescue, and then extracting to the EXFIL location.


UF PRO - Part I


Part II


Part III