SEALS Action Gear announces PenCott® camouflage product line

Founded in 1993, SEALS Action Gear is now owned and operated by a team of veterans from the Canadian Forces and the British Special Forces, and has provided a wide selection of battle-proven and highly specialized tactical clothing and equipment to law-enforcement, military and security special operators. The company’s clothing and equipment has been proven under extreme field-usage in North America, the Middle East, South America, the Balkans, Africa and South-East Asia.

For the past several months, SEALS Action Gear has been prototyping and tweaking updates to several of their existing in-house designs, and producing them in PenCott-GreenZone® and PenCott-BadLands® camouflage patterns as well.

Tactical Field Smock

The version 4.4 of SEALS’ Tactical Field Smock is based on the classic SAS smock, but with an even greater load carrying capacity. Externally, there are four generous box pockets on the front of the smock, each secured with a flap and covered buttons, to prevent snagging. Internally, there are four more large pockets in the front, two of which can be reached through vertical covered zippers on the chest, while the lower ones can be accessed from the inside. There is also a large “poachers” pocket in the rear panel, with access from both sides. The sleeve pockets on the 4.4 model have been re-designed at the request of operators from Canada’s most elite unit and now feature a front vertical zipper as well as loop strips for ID patches.

SEALS Action Gear Smock - GreenZone

SEALS Action Gear Smock - GreenZone sleeve pocket

SEALS Action Gear Smock - GreenZone interior pockets

The entire smock is designed to be loose fitting, for maximum mobility and for wear with a liner or over body armor. Double drawstrings at the waist and bottom provide adjustment, and the sleeves have a snag-free snap wrist adjustment at the cuff. A high collar and large removable hood, combined with a wind flap over the zipper, ensures maximum comfort in cold and windy weather.

The Tactical Field Smock in GreenZone® and BadLands® camouflage patterns is made from mil-spec quality 50/50 NyCo ripstop material woven and printed in the USA.

Combat Anorak

The version 4.2 Combat Anorak is lightweight, but with significantly improved load carrying capacity. It features a large zippered chest pocket and a roomy front ‘kangaroo’ pocket with slanted access from both sides, plus two zippered pockets on the upper arm of the sleeves. The sleeve pockets (same as on the Tactical Field Smock) also feature loop strips to attach ID or blood group patches. The 4.2 model has also introduced a rear ‘poachers’ pocket that can be accessed by zippers on either side.

SEALS Action Gear Anorak - SnowDrift

The anorak is generously sized to allow for a fleece or other type of insulated liner to be worn underneath. The high collar combined with a generous drawstring hood, as well as drawstrings at both the waist and bottom will keep the warmth inside. The cuffs are adjustable.

The Combat Anorak in GreenZone® and BadLands® camouflage patterns is made from mil-spec quality 50/50 NyCo ripstop material woven and printed in the USA, and is cut-and-sewn in Canada.  The SnowDrift® camouflage version is made from mil-spec quality 50D polyester fabric woven, printed and DWR treated in the USA.

ULTRA SOFTIE Reversible Jacket/Liner

SEALS Action Gear’s SOFTIE Jacket/Liner has been a favorite with operators around the world for many years, the 4.1 ULTRA SOFTIE is fully reversible, with MultiCam® on the one side and PenCott-SnowDrift® on the other for mission-specific adaptation. The extremely light weight, reversible camouflage patterns and incredible stowability (stuff sack included) make this the ultimate go-anywhere piece of cold weather kit.

Softie - MultiCam-SnowDrift

As it is designed for cold weather use, SEALS has chosen the very best insulation available: Primaloft One. Because of its superior warmth, water repellency and light weight properties, Primaloft is the single most thermally-efficient insulation available. Independent tests have shown that Primaloft is not only warmer when dry compared to other synthetic insulations, but also loses no measurable insulating value when wet. But Primaloft also repels water better than any other synthetic insulation, keeping you drier in the first place. Primaloft also breathes and is completely hypo-allergenic, making it ideal as an active insulation layer.

The SnowDrift® camouflage fabric is mil-spec quality 50D polyester woven, printed and DWR treated in the USA.

Tactical Field Pants

SEALS are working on a new version of the full BDU set, but in the meantime have released the version 4.4 of their Tactical Field Pants as a snow camo over-trouser – featuring PenCott-SnowDrift® camouflage.

Coming Soon - SEALS Action Gear BDU - GreenZone Coming Soon - SEALS Action Gear BDU - BadLands

SEALS Action Gear OverTrousers - SnowDrift SEALS Action Gear Over-Trouser- SnowDrift

The SnowDrift® camouflage version is made from mil-spec quality 50D polyester fabric woven, printed and DWR treated in the USA.

All of SEALS Action Gear’s garment’s are 100% cut-and-sewn in Canada.

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Full details of their PenCott® camouflage range can be found on their new and improved website.

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