UF PRO® Striker Battle Dress System in GreenZone™

First seen at IWA 2013 in March, the very eagerly awaited Striker Battle Dress System from UF PRO® is now available in PenCott-GreenZone™ camouflage.

The Striker Battle Dress System is designed to exceed the demanding requirements of the modern elite combatant.  All garments include an innovative set of features and have an ergonomic, fitted design.  They are also 100% made in Europe to a very high standard of quality, and from the best US and European made materials on the market.

The full range consists of a combat shirt, combat pants, combat jacket, rain suit and softshell jacket.  At the present time, only the Combat Pants and Combat Jacket are available in GreenZone™ camouflage – the Combat Shirt will also be available soon.

combat jacket  combat pants

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