Good Guys wear GreenZone™

Although PenCott™ patterns are in use with a number of elite police and military special operations units, its not very often that photographs emerge of these units wearing the patterns in action.

However, last week a photograph appeared of Austria’s elite SWAT unit “Einsatzkommando COBRA” in action during the operation to apprehend a poacher who’d murdered a paramedic and 3 policemen.

27133225copyright Wolfgang Atzenhofer, Kurier.AT

Above:  an EKO COBRA scout/sniper team prepare their equipment as armed officers surrounded, and later stormed, the farmhouse complex where the perpetrator had barricaded himself in.  The perpetrator was found dead – from a self-inflicted gun shot.  The COBRA team is wearing boonie hats, Special Forces Smocks and Sniper Trousers from SABRE.

Good Guys wear BadLands™

Major (Ret.) Dean Williams MBE, PENCARI Training Solutions, instructing Kenyan special forces troops in the art of combat tracking during a recent training exercise.


Major Williams used a set of our “Pathfinder” BDUs in BadLands™ throughout the training exercise.  According to Major Williams, the BadLands camo pattern was an excellent match for the terrain, and BDUs were an excellent tool for the job as well.


Dean spent 26 years serving in the British Royal Marine Commandos in a myriad of specialist units, serving at every rank from Marine to Major.  Dean also has experience in the commercial training sector, and he is the visionary behind PENCARI’s development. PENCARI means ‘Searcher or Seeker’ in Bahasa Malay. It was while serving in Borneo in SE Asia, initially as the Training Officer and then the Officer Commanding the UK Military’s Jungle Warfare and Combat Tracking School that Dean recognised the need for an intelligent and focussed training delivery organisation that continually ‘seeks’ and strives for the very latest techniques in training design, concept and delivery.

For further info about PENCARI’s services please contact them at:


Czech airsoft retailer moRRisCZ launches full range of PenCott™ clothing and gear

PenCott™ fans in the Czech Republic, and anyone else who can read Czech, will be happy to see that there is now a local manufacturer and retailer offering a full range of clothing and gear in PenCott™.

Visitors to the website of MorrisCZ will be able to see a complete line of GreenZone™ clothing, headgear and load-carrying gear – see examples below – as well as a full line of BadLands™ kit coming soon as well.

5607-L 5608-L 5629-L 5609-L 5610_01 5468-PG 5472-PG 5473-PG

It might be made for the airsoft market, but all products are made to military specifications for quality and durability – and the irony is that Czech airsofters will now have better camouflage uniforms and gear than the Czech military!



ASMC now stocking Leo Köhler brand Pencott-GreenZone™ & BadLands™ clothing

Renowned German / European retailer ASMC now has Leo Köhler brand Pencott-GreenZone™ & BadLands™ clothing in stock.

And best of all for non-German-speaking customers, the entire website and webstore is also available in English language.  The PenCott™ lineup includes Leo Köhler’s KSK Combat Pants, Tactical Combat Jackets, Combat Shirts, KSK BDU Shirts, and webbing nametapes.



SEALS Action Gear trials PenCott™

SEALS Action Gear of Canada is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year – and its no wonder they’ve been in business so long, besides stocking products from leading brands they also make great products under their own label.  Case in point – their “4.3 Tactical Field Pants” and “4.0 Combat Anorak” in PenCott-GreenZone™ seen below (BadLands and SnowDrift are under evaluation as well).

4.3 Tactical Field Pants – The 4.3 Tactical Field Pants feature SEALS unique waist adjustment system using a patented velcro waist band, large belt loops, a heavy duty nylon zipper in the fly, two large thigh pockets, two slant front pockets, two rear pockets and two calf pockets provide for plenty of load carrying capacity.  ‘Double’ pocket flaps cover the buttons on the thigh and calf pockets.

DSCN0927  DSCN0929  DSCN0930  DSCN0931

4.0 Combat Anorak – The 4.0 Combat Anorak is based on a US Army Combat Anorak design, with improved load carrying capacity; including a large zippered chest pocket, a roomy frontal “kangaroo” pocket with slanted access from both sides and small pockets on each sleeve with flap and velcro closure. The anorak is generously sized to allow an insulated liner to be worn underneath and features a high collar combined with a generous drawstring hood. Drawstrings at both the waist and bottom hem round off the design.

DSCN0932  DSCN0937  DSCN0938  DSCN0935

Contact John at SEALS Action Gear for further info about pricing and production:

Stronghold Group introducesT.I. ZERO-PALS Chest Rig

Following the very well-received launch of their innovative T.I. (Tactical Insert) magazine pouch design, Poland’s Stronghold Group have now launched their laser-cut Tactical Insert ZERO-PALS Chest Rig.

Made from double-layered 500D or 1000D Cordura fabric, the ZERO-PALS Chest Rig features laser-cut slots rather than PALS webbing for securing pouches to the rig.  Consequently, the ZERO-PALS Chest Rig is both lightweight and durable, fully compatible with standard MOLLE pouches and fittings, and is adjustable to fit sizes Small to Extra-Large.


The ZERO-PALS rig features 14 attachment slots on the front panel and 6 on the back panel, a Velcro strip on the front for a nametape, and loops on the shoulder straps for antenna, cable and/or tube management.

For further information, or to place an order, contact:


Gear Dynamics introduces the Covert Belt

Canadian gear manufacturer Gear Dynamics has introduced the latest version of their Covert Belt.

The Covert Belt is intended to primarily be a simple “hold up your pants” belt, but thanks to its integral padding and the removal HDPFE stiffener insert, it can also be used as a holster belt.  The belt is designed with a slim profile that won’t dig into your body when seated or crouching, and the padding also makes it comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.


They see it here, they see it there – they see that PenCott™ everywhere!

September is shaping up to be “PenCott™ month”.  Not only has the availability of PenCott™ garments and gear improved dramatically (especially in the UK and Europe), but the pattern family is also receiving a lot of attention in the trade press as well. “Combat & Survival”, “RAIDER” and “Tactical News Magazine” all feature articles this month that showcase PenCott™.

combat-and-survival-october-2013-issuegreenzone-bdu-1378387226Combat & Survival takes an up-close-and-personal look at the UF PRO “Striker Battle Dress Uniform” in GreenZone™ – in their own unique, eye-catching manner.  C&S is available in traditional hardcopy format, as well as digitally – click here for more info.

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