Leo Koehler Commando Shirt and Explorer Trousers now in stock at Flecktarn.co.uk

Commando Shirt – GreenZone

The Commando Shirt retains the collar, Velcro-fastened shoulder tabs and Velcro cuffs of the standard issue shirt but incorporates additional ventilation holes under the armpits and expandable pockets on both arms. These pockets are the same size as the chest pockets and are set at an angle to enable easy opening .


The front of the shirt is fitted with the two chest pockets of the standard issue shirt, but with all buttons removed. The pockets open with two patches of velcro each, and are expandable in the same way as the standard issue shirt. The front of the shirt is fited with three 30mm wide strips of velcro as a central opening – all press buttons and zippers have been removed in order to remove pressure points against the body when body armor is worn.


Explorer Trousers – GreenZone

LK’s Explorer Trousers are an “action” trouser sewn to German quality control and military specifications and designed with special ops and law enforcement in mind. The trouser legs are panelled for better ergonomic performance over hips, seat and knees, whilst the lower hem is reinforced on the reverse side to reduce fraying and wear. The leg cargo pockets are triple pleated and deep enough to accommodate larger objects.  They can also be opened from the top lid whilst standing or from the front seam with a zipper whilst seated or kneeling. The hip pockets are set at an angle to suit both top and side access and pocket ends are reinforced with extra stitching for durability.

pncct4na500aThe seat pockets are set closer to the sides of the leg for easier access, and also to reduce contents being squarely sat on. The front waist is closed with extra long hook and loop fastener for good adjustability across sizes, and the fly is military specification coil zip. The waist of the trousers is raised in the rear which helps to prevent belt bunching during crouching or squatting, and extra panels on the hips give the trousers more room in the rear so they do not ride down and expose your butt crack like standard trousers. The lower legs feature a less baggy, straight cut so that there isn’t extra fabric to flap about and snag when moving through low lying vegetation.


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UP CLOSE LOOK: Sedran Colonial Guard – ‘HALO: Nightfall’

Whether you’re a fan of HALO or not, there is a lot to enjoy in ‘HALO: Nightfall’.  Of particular interest for us is that the Sedran Colonial Guard force in the movie wear battle dress uniforms in PenCott-BadLands™ camouflage pattern.  So we did some research and made some screen-grabs to give you a closer look.

Insignia of the Sedra Colonial Guard.  Image created by Sal of halofanforlife.comInsignia of the Sedra Colonial Guard. Image created by Sal of halofanforlife.com

The Sedran Colonial Guard is the primary military force of the remote Outer Colony of Sedra and is led by Colonel Randall Aiken, a former elite SPARTAN-II super-soldier. Many soldiers in the Sedran Colonial Guard are well-motivated and dedicated to the defense of their homeworld – as Private First Class Talitha Macer explains at one point; “We’ve lived in a state of perpetual war, surrounded by enemies. We were born fighting.

Colonel Aiken 1Considering the temperate forested terrain of Sedra however, perhaps GreenZone™  would have been a more appropriate choice of camouflage…

Nightfall_-_Sedran_forestForested terrain around Sedra City on planet Sedra. (source: Halopedia)

The ‘HALO: Nightfall’ costume department created a distinctive look for the Sedran Colonial Guard troops by using BadLands™  Combat Patrol Uuniforms (CPUs) from Helikon-Tex, with a few cosmetic alterations.  For Colonel Aiken’s uniform, and also for his close protection team, they used BadLands™  CPU trousers from Helikon-Tex paired with BadLands™  ‘Einsatzkampfjacken’ (‘Operational Battle Jackets’) from Leo Koehler.  Besides some minor cosmetic changes, it also looks like the costume department ‘aged’ the uniforms with some sort of over-wash as well.

Sedran Colonial Guard forces

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Sprzet Militarny Poland (a PenCott superstore!)

Located in the town of Witaszyce, Poland – and also with a strong online presence – their main business is firearms, ammunition and military vehicles, but Sprzet Militarny could also literally be described as a PenCott superstore!

Offering one of the widest ranges of PenCott gear and clothing under one roof / one website, the shop features products from Helikon-Tex, SPECOPS, Leo Koehler, and Stronghold Group – the screen grab below shows just a few…


Check them out online at:  www.sprzetmilitarny.pl

And on Facebook at:  www.facebook.com/sprzetmilitarny


O’Neill Ops mix it up a bit with BadLands™ and SnowDrift™

It is very much the fashion these days to wear camouflage that’s all “matchy-matchy” – in other words, for everything from your boots to your hat and your gloves to your belt and everything in between to be in the same, perfectly matched camouflage pattern.

1467318_731603190184652_1192474712_nHowever, sometimes its good to mix things up a bit – especially in “transitional” terrain or seasons.  In these photos we see the guys from O’Neill Ops using this principle to great effect on the plains of South Dakota recently with a combination of PenCott-BadLands™ and PenCott-SnowDrift™.

Incidentally, the camo oversuit they’re using here was developed by Hyde Definition, and is currently being produced under license by Applied Orange Performance Equipment.


Other SnowDrift options in lightweight, water-resistant polyester and water-resistant-treated, 50/50 nylon-cotton ripstop are available from Drop Zone Tactical, Sabre, – and coming soon from Leo Koehler, Helikon-Tex and UF PRO.

ASMC now stocking Leo Köhler brand Pencott-GreenZone™ & BadLands™ clothing

Renowned German / European retailer ASMC now has Leo Köhler brand Pencott-GreenZone™ & BadLands™ clothing in stock.

And best of all for non-German-speaking customers, the entire website and webstore is also available in English language.  The PenCott™ lineup includes Leo Köhler’s KSK Combat Pants, Tactical Combat Jackets, Combat Shirts, KSK BDU Shirts, and webbing nametapes.



Flecktarn.co.uk now stocking Leo Koehler PenCott-GreenZone™ clothing

Latest update from Flecktarn.co.uk:

Flecktarn.co.uk is pleased to announce that we have in stock the PenCott camouflage from Hyde Definition.  We are currently carrying the GreenZone variant and look to expand this as more products become available.
PenCott-GreenZone is a highly effective camouflage in woodland and grass, combining digital pixellation with dynamically layered patterning.  We are pleased to offer this exciting new pattern in both under armour shirts and operator combat trousers.  Made from the top grade materials available in this camouflage, such as the NYCO ripstop milspec body fabric and 1000D Cordura reinforcement patches for knees and seat, the PenCott-GreenZone shirts and trousers are high performance wear.  Designed by operators and constructed with military and special forces users by the German military contractor. 

large image no1

The Under Armour Shirt is priced at 67.50 GBP each and available in sizes M, L and XL.

large image no1

The Operator Combat Trousers are priced at 84.95 GBP each and available in sizes M, L and XL.
We look forward to the coming autumn with more exciting products becoming available in PenCott, and across the board.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and wish you happy browsing.

Flecktarn.co.uk team