They see it here, they see it there – they see that PenCott™ everywhere!

September is shaping up to be “PenCott™ month”.  Not only has the availability of PenCott™ garments and gear improved dramatically (especially in the UK and Europe), but the pattern family is also receiving a lot of attention in the trade press as well. “Combat & Survival”, “RAIDER” and “Tactical News Magazine” all feature articles this month that showcase PenCott™.

combat-and-survival-october-2013-issuegreenzone-bdu-1378387226Combat & Survival takes an up-close-and-personal look at the UF PRO “Striker Battle Dress Uniform” in GreenZone™ – in their own unique, eye-catching manner.  C&S is available in traditional hardcopy format, as well as digitally – click here for more info.


RAIDER takes a look back at the development and unique features and benefits of the pattern, as well as a closer look at the Helikon-Tex “Combat Patrol Uniform” in GreenZone™ and BadLands™.  RAIDER is available in both hardcopy and digital formats.



In their last issue, TNM took a closer look at UF-PRO’s P-4o trousers in BadLands™ – this time around they review the CPU from Helikon-Tex in GreenZone™.

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