UF PRO® P-40 Camou Pants reviewed by SPARTAN.AT

Our friends at the SPARTAN.AT blog recently reviewed the UF PRO® P-40 Camou Pants.  Here we present an English language translation of that article.


If you go into the forest and almost lose your pants, it’s probably because they’re in PenCott camouflage.

UF PRO Camou_1

At any rate we were glad that we did find our pants again, because they were the outstanding P-40 Camou pants from Slovenian manufacturer UF PRO.

In addition to their commercial products, UF PRO also produces uniforms for the Slovenian Army, Prison Services and Customs Department.  At the IWA 2013, these guys from the southern edge of the Alps showed a bunch of new gear that thrilled all visitors their stand – and not only because of the outstanding camouflage effect of the PenCott series of patterns, but also because of the cutting edge materials and features UF PRO packs into their products. Plenty of reasons then for SPARTAN.AT to take a close look at these new pants from the house of UF PRO.


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Atalanta Modular Armor Carrier in PenCott-BadLands™

Here’s a look at another innovative gear solution – this time courtesy of our friends at Predator Armament.

We first had Ares Armor develop the Combat XII-MEC Pack with Hyde Definition’s PenCott Multi-environment Camouflage Patterns and have now carried this over to more of their products including the Atalanta Modular Armor Carrier seen here in the BadLands transitional variant.

This version of the Atalanta Modular Armor Carrier includes all of the same features as the original including 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon with the PenCott BadLands Pattern and matching Quiet Loop at the front and rear for identification and to secure waistband.

The Atalanta Armor Carrier is designed as a concealed armor carrier and can take on full combat loads in addition to Soft Armor or SAPI Plates. Spacer mesh is integrated for a comfortable wear and easily takes on the Combat XII Pack for a lightweight load carry.


UW Gear Minuteman chest-rig in PenCott-GreenZone™ – with matching webbing

The picture tells the story…

UW Gear AR Minuteman Chest Rig

According to John Ammons of UW Gear, the pull tabs on the mag pouch flaps were deliberately made from solid color Coyote Brown webbing.  The reason for that was because, “The printed webbing matches the material and blends with it so well, it really makes the tabs hard to see if you had to look down for them in a hurry.”

UW Gear


Silent Heroes Foundation Specialized Interdiction Unit selects BadLands™ camouflage – Marsh Mokhtari and Mykel Hawke supporting TV documentary

The Silent Heroes Foundation is committed to support efforts to improve both animal and human health in Africa, as well as to aid in the protection and conservation of its wildlife and endangered species.

Poaching of Africa’s wildlife, particulary of its vulnerable and endangered species such as elephant and rhino, is currently at crisis level.  Illegal trade in wildlife products such as ivory and rhino horn is coordinated by well-organized crime syndicates which transport the horns primarily to Viet Nam and China, in order to fuel the demand for the use of horn as a medicinal treatment, a status symbol for the growing middle class, or a hangover cure.

Compounding the problem is the fact that most park rangers and wildlife reserve security teams are neither properly trained nor equipped to combat this war on Africa’s wildlife.

To deal with this dual challenge, the Silent Heroes Foundation is forming an elite, professional Specialized Interdiction Unit that can be deployed on an as-needed and fast-reaction basis throughout South Africa, in an effort to increase overall security, and to help decrease the rate of poaching deaths in the country.  The Specialized Interdiction Unit will be led by Anton du Plessis, Founder of the South African Tactical Association.  Anton has a 20 year background in the South African military, law enforcement and security sectors, and has trained a variety of specialized units over the years.

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Molay Taktika Indonesia launches airsoft line in PenCott™ camouflage patterns

Due to popular demand, Molay Taktika Indonesia (the parent company of Molay Military Uniform Division) has launched a line of PenCott camouflage clothing specifically intended for the airsoft / milsim community.

The new line is part of the Montbard Gendarmerie Airsoft Gears portfolio and incorporates high-quality replicas of Crye Precision’s popular Gen.II style Combat Pants and Combat Shirts.  The garments feature authentic, milspec PenCott nylon-cotton ripstop fabric, high-quality cotton-Elastene stretch fabrics, and milspec quality thread, trims and sewing techniques – at a more economical price point.

Gen.II style Combat Shirts

GenII Combat Shirt - SandStorm GenII Combat Shirt - BadLands GenII Combat Shirt - GreenZone

Gen.II style Combat Pants

GenII Combat Pants - SandStorm GenII Combat Pants - BadLands GenII Combat Pants - GreenZone


Visit Montbard Gendarmerie Airsoft Gears’ Facebook page for full details.

See more of the PenCott family of patterns in use around the world on our Facebook page.


Drop Zone Tactical adds BadLands™ to its portfolio

In a photo series released today, Drop Zone Tactical showcased their Stubby Boonie Hat, Recce Smock, Gen.III Ops Pants and the newly revised Ops Shirt in PenCott-BadLands™ camouflage pattern (US mil-spec 50/50 NyCo ripstop fabric).  BadLands™ will also now be added to the Drop Zone Tactical portfolio as a color option for all products going forward.

The photos also show the effectiveness of the pattern in “transitional” woodland terrain.


Additional photos from the series can be seen on Drop Zone Tactical’s facebook page.


“Recon Warrior” combat pants and “Silent Warrior” combat shirt in PenCott patterns

Indonesian tactical clothing brand Molay Military Uniform Division has released details of their latest combat clothing designs.  Already seeing some use with Indonesian military and police special operations units, the “Recon Warrior” pants and “Silent Warrior” shirt feature a modern, articulated, anatomical design and utilize top-quality fabrics and construction.

Recon Warrior Combat Pants



  • Schoeller® Stretch material for maximum mobility and comfortable range of motion
  • 8 Pockets
  • Reinforced Waistband
  • Bartacked stress points, sewn with military-grade thread
  • Accepts Crye Precision knee pads
  • Adjustable fit at knees and ankles

Recon Warrior Combat Pants - PenCott-BadlandsRecon Warrior Combat Pants - PenCott-Sandstorm

Recon Warrior Combat Pants - PenCott-GreenZone

Silent Warrior Combat Shirt

Silent Warrior Combat Shirt - GreenZone


  • Nylon 500D (Military Standard) Elbow Reinforcement, with pouch for inserting pads
  • High turtle neck for protection
  • Sunglasses slot and chem-light slot
  • CORDURA® baselayer used for torso
  • Bartacked stress points, sewn with military-grade thread

Available from Molay Military Uniform Division


PenCott™ Camouflage Webbing And Tape Now Shipping

Texcel Industries is now fulfilling orders for webbing and tape in our PenCott™ Multi-Environment Camouflage family of patterns.

They have all current patterns available including GreenZone™, BadLands™, SandStorm™, and SnowDrift™.  For pricing and orders contact: sales@texcelindustries.com.

Texcel PenCott webbing

For a limited time, we are also running a special promotion on our Cordura fabrics in honor of the launch of the webbing and tape products – get 20% off the normal price when you order at least 50 yards of either 500D or 1000D Cordura.  Contact orders@hydedefinition.com and mention the promo code “WEB20”.


“Kick Ass” P-40 Camou Pants from UF PRO® now available in PenCott-GreenZone™ and BadLands™

Since their unveiling at the IWA 2013 exhibition, UF PRO’s P-40 Camou Pants have been generating a lot of interest – as has the “kick ass” imagery used in their promotional campaign.

P-40 Camou Pants 50-50

Made from a unique combination of Hyde Definition’s milspec 50/50 NyCo ripstop and and Schoeller 4-way stretch fabrics, the P-40 Camou Pants provide the fit, comfort and dynamic range of motion needed by today’s professionals.

Priced at 144, the P-40 Camou Pants are now available to purchase directly through UF PRO’s upgraded website with its new integrated online shopping capabilities.

Click here for further info and/or to purchase.

Note:  The STRIKER Battle Dress System from UF PRO will also be available in PenCott™ patterns in approximately 4-6 weeks.