Partner Spotlight: Gryphon Defence Technologies “Field Combat Uniform”

The FCU from Gryphon DefTech is designed to meet the requirements of special operations units for most the effective clothing systems that deliver agility and mobility, durability and quality materials in an ergonomic and practical design.

1982_565474370180466_2097815954_nThe basic set of FCU uniform consists of: FCU pants, FCU shirt and cap (Improved patrol cap-IPC).  Additional items of the FCU uniform available now, or coming soon, are: ICS (Improved combat shirt) shirt, HWH (Hot weather hat) boonie hat and FCU Windbreaker Jacket Mk1.


The main material for the uniform is milspec 50/50 NyCo rip-stop fabric made in the USA.  The entire FCU series is available in all PenCott camouflage patterns.

Price List:

  • FCU PANTS 100
  • FCU SHIRT 100


Visit Gryphon DefTec’s Facebook page for full product info and ordering details.


“Pathfinder BDU” Sets Now Available!

Limited quantities of the made-in-the-USA Pathfinder BDU are available now directly from Hyde Definition Ltd with free shipping to US addresses.

We developed the “Pathfinder BDU” to fulfil numerous requests for a US-made lightweight tactical uniform in PenCott camouflage pattern 50/50 NyCo fabric, and named it in honor of the elite “first in” paratroops of WWII.

GreenZone Pathfinder BDU - RTGThe “Pathfinder BDU” is based on the ACU chassis and follows the standard US Army ACU sizing and fit chart. However, the Pathfinder BDU takes the familiar ACU platform to a whole new level. It features stylistic nods to the US paratroopers’ classic M-42 Jump Suit, the special operations RAID BDU, and other modern innovations and improvements.




  • Chest pockets are angled outboard and are sealed with hook-and-loop tape
  • The collar does not utilize a hook-and-loop tab and can be worn up or down
  • The front closes with a zipper and a flap secured with hook-and-loop tape
  • Bi-swing back for increased comfort and range-of-motion
  • Sizeable bicep pockets feature a zippered opening on the leading edge
  • Chem-light / pen holder pockets located behind bicep pockets
  • Cuffs are fastened with hook-and-loop tape
  • Body of the jacket is cut straight for a more streamlined fit than the ACU
  • PLEASE NOTE: the diagram below shows Velcro patches on the sleeve pockets and chest of the jacket – the current stock of the pre-production model DOES NOT include the Velcro patches.  The final production model will include pattern-printed “Quiet Loop” in these areas.



  • Large, non-pleated, bellowed, cargo pockets with button-down flaps
  • Zippers on leading-edge of cargo pockets enable access when seated or kneeling
  • Knee patches that will accept US Army or commercial internal knee pads
  • Bellowed calf pockets with button-down flaps
  • Rear of the waist is slightly higher than the front to prevent sagging
  • Button-closed waist also features an internal draw-string
  • Hip and rear pockets are of a horizontal slash type Rear pockets serve as an integral dump-pouch.



1377421_634210413266689_655664869_nFor further information, and available sizes, visit  Individual, group and dealer pre-orders for a future production run can also be taken.


Operation Rhino: Silent Heroes Foundation Special Interdiction Unit in training

We have received a set of photos from South Africa of the SHF SIU conducting training to prepare for their operational deployment. 

In the photos you can see their Combat Patrol Uniforms from Helikon-Tex in PenCott-BadLands™ camouflage – also visible in the photos are Alpha Tactical Caps and Silent Warrior Combat Shirts from Molay Taktika, as well as Kit Bags and Backpacks from Hill People Gear.

1098517_617562498274720_632893200_n  969437_617562551608048_599704464_n  970898_617562834941353_1619185460_n  1013291_617562661608037_1862163357_n  1146625_617562481608055_815235170_n  1170815_617562794941357_972480356_n  DSC_0067hpg  DSC_0046  DSC_0027  DSC_0064  DSC_0082  DSC_0070  DSC_0091

According to Team Leader Anton du Plessis:  “The uniforms and colours are ideal for African conditions and the quality is SUPERB.”