‘Soldier Systems Daily’ provides an exclusive Sneak Peek of Hyde Definition’s “Pathfinder” BDU

Responding to numerous requests from US retailers, and leveraging from an overseas program we’ve been working on, we recently unveiled our new “Pathfinder” BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) – as detailed exclusively today on Soldier Systems Daily.


We used the popular American ACU-style cut as the starting point for the basic chassis of the uniform, but then added a number of changes and enhancements – such as improved pocket designs.  For the pocket flaps we drew on the stylistic heritage of the WWII American paratroopers’ M42 jump suit, and the short-run Hyde Definition “Pioneer” BDU from 2008.  Around the back of the trousers, we implemented a more dynamic and practical feature called the “Rapid Access Ditch Pocket” – RAD Pocket for short – in place of the next-to-pointless traditional style pockets.  We also made the trousers legs a slightly longer length – and implemented shock cord in the cuffs – for better blousing over boots of a shorter height.


On the jacket we got rid of the ACU’s stiff Velcro-over-loaded collar in favor of a design which is both practical and functional – as well as flexible.  We also brought back the practical-tactical outward angled chest pockets of a RAID-style BDU, and incorporated zip-opening bicep pockets.

Watch out for further details soon, in the meantime, check out the article on Soldier Systems Daily.

ROE Apparel engages the market with their GreenZone combat shirt

Rules Of Engagement Apparel, or ROE Apparel as its more commonly known, is a new sister brand to QP Gear that focuses on developing niche garment products for the professional-level user.

First up is their prototype of the ever-popular combat shirt style.  The ROE interpretation combines a wicking, stretchy fabric torso, mock turtleneck and wrist cuffs with PenCott camouflage sleeves.  A couple of features that are especially noteworthy about their design are the mesh panels in the armpit and underarm areas and the breathable mesh covered elbow pad inserts – as well as their use of GreenZone-pattern “Quiet Loop” on the bicep pockets.

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ROE Apparel’s website will be launched soon, but in the meantime you can “Like” them on Facebook to keep up to date with developments.

QP Gear launches lower-priced ACU-style PenCott uniforms

QP Gear provides 100% US-made soft goods that are manufactured to order, offering the best fit and customization available.  After great success with PenCott patterns in their existing product lines, they felt the need to provide the market with a matching uniform as well. 

Until now, the only available uniforms in these patterns cost over $100 per piece and sometimes ranged all the way up to $200 per piece. While there is a purpose and market for such items, QP Gear also felt that there is a need for a lower cost option with the basic ACU/BDU features.

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Enhanced presence on Facebook for the PenCott™ camouflage family

Social media, especially Facebook, has proven to be a very effective communications and marketing tool for us – so we were very happy to get some help from our friends at 762PR in Poland to create a new, dynamic and comprehensive fan-page for PenCott camouflage on Facebook.

The new page takes over from the previous Facebook Group as the primary go-to source for all things related to PenCott™ goodness.  So don’t miss out – go “Like” the page to check out all the great stuff from the growing number of companies producing garments and gear in – and the growing number of military and law enforcement special ops units using – this stunningly effective family of patterns.

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Gryphon Defense Technologies unveils first PenCott prototypes

Serbia’s Gryphon Defense Technologies (previously known as Saint George Defense Group) was founded on the principles of producing the best quality professional military apparel and equipment with maximal practicality, ergonomic design, comfort and durability.

They plan to introduce a wide range of products in 2013The first product is their Field Combat Uniform (FCU) Series – see the photographs that follow for an initial look.

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PenCott-Snowdrift entered in US SOCOM snow camouflage initiative

On 14 March 2013 the Program Manager-Special Operations Forces Survival, Support & Equipment Systems (PM-SOF SSES) released a Sources Sought Notice for Snow Camouflage pattern submissions, and then followed that up with an additional Sources Sought Notice for over-garments on 18 March 2013.

According to the Notice:  “The camouflage pattern should be designed to provide concealment in alpine to sub-alpine environments, where snow, ice and rocks are the primary environmental features.

Camouflage patterns submitted to this sources sought solicitation must be beyond the development phase, and be printable on lightweight synthetic materials.”

It is important to note that this effort is for US SOCOM (Special Operations Command) only – it is not part of the overall US Army Camouflage Improvement Initiative, and is also not connected with the US Marine Corps’ mountain / cold weather clothing and snow camouflage efforts.

We felt that our “Snowdrift” variant of the PenCott camouflage pattern family would be ideal for this requirement, so submitted a roll of our fabric – as requested.  We are also working with partners who are submitting their over-garment designs featuring our camouflage print.

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