Tactical Tracking Operations School

Tactical Tracking Operations School has been around for over 20 years – for many years, they were the only company in the US that delivered specialised tracking courses for law enforcement and military units and personnal.  The company now offers the most complete, experienced, dedicated, professional and effective range of specialized training packages available today.

New Cover

TTOS might well qualify as the longest-running company that you’ve never heard of, and that’s becuase for many years the company deliberately kept a very low public profile.  That is all changing now as the company has just built and released a new website that provides a virtual encyclopedia of information about the company’s background, its subject matter experts, and the wide range of training packages that the company delivers at locations around the world.  Also included on the website are details about the company’s long-running anti-poaching training and support efforts.


Finally, if you’re wondering why we’re publishing this update about TTOS on our page, its becuase we are very honored by the fact that the company has been extensively trialling our camouflage patterns on training deployments around the US and the rest of the world and has chosen to adopt PenCott® as the most effective camouflage patterns available today.


As TTOS continues to update their website and Facebook page with more information and photos, you’ll be seeing more and more evidence of PenCott’s effectiveness.



BEGADI’s ‘BE-X Combat Gear’ brand tactical gear

BE-X (‘BEgadi eXclusive) is a project of BEGADI GmbH, Germany and aims to close the gap between high-end military-grade tactical gear and low-cost commercial gear.

The BE-X series is designed with input and field testing with outdoor enthusiasts and military and law enforcement professionals – all with one mission in mind, to provide the private and the professional user with high quality apparel and gear that meets their needs.


BE-X recently started working with the PenCott-GreenZone camouflage pattern, initially releasing their LRRP Tarp (pictured above), now the company has released a wide range of load carrying rigs and pouches – including their classic reinterpretation of the IDF ‘EPHOD’ rig (pictured below).


See more here:  www.begadishop.de

SABRE® Outdoor Shop – Military and Tactical Clothing

SABRE® is a brand that has been around for a while and has been proven time and time again in operational use with Law Enforcement and Military Special Operations Forces.  SABRE was also one of the first brands to adopt the PenCott® patterns into their portfolio as well.


Although things have been a bit quiet over the past couple of years, while the brand went through a change in ownership and a restructuring of the business, SABRE® is back in the limelight again with a brand new webshop and new product ranges.

Still true to their legacy, SABRE® continues to offer a wide variety of reliable, field-proven, multifunctional garments in PenCott-GreenZone®, PenCott-BadLands® and PenCott-SnowDrift® camouflage patterns too.


Lesovik Outdoor Hammocks introduces full-size GreenZone Tarp and Hammock set

The full-size (300×300 cm) “Groza 19” Tarp and “Panther” Hammock, is the world’s first tarp and hammock set available in PenCott® GreenZone® camouflage!


Available late Feb 2016, comes with fully adjustable suspension system included.


Manufactured in Poland from genuine, milspec, waterproof 70D ripstop nylon with a DWR finish and PU-back-coating.

More info soon – www.lesovik.eu

MollyMe Pack from TwinNeedle Tactical Gear of New Zealand

The MollyMe Pack is a new 30-35L pack from New Zealand’s TwinNeedle Gear.

It features a roll top lid that won’t let water in and allows for varying loads. It also has an overload panel that will allow you to secure a helmet underneath or doubles up to be a rifle scabbard with several attachment points. A full PALS platform enables you to mount additional pouches on the pack.


It comes with a rear covered access zip for hydration and comms, a removable back panel EVA foam and internal hydration attachment point. It can be mounted onto your vest or carrier with the TwinNeedle pack2armour kit.

Can be bought direct from TwinNeedle’s website, or through their US distributor OP Tactical.

BE-X FronTier One LRRP Tarp

The FronTier One LRRP Tarp from BE-X is manufactured entirely in Germany with 70D ripstop nylon in GreenZone® camouflage with a DWR finish and a waterproof polyurethane back-coating.


The 150 x 250 cm Tarp weighs just 450 grams and can be packed small enough to fit in a pocket or pouch. The Tarp features 8 small loops for attaching parachute cord or tent ropes, as well as 4 corner reinforcements that can be used to build up the tarp like a tent using fiberglass tent poles, or other means of support.


The FronTier One LRRP Tarp from BE-X retails for 89.90 EUR and is available through Begadi GmbH.


0241 Tactical have been busy expanding and enhancing their portfolio of PenCott® camouflage products.

First up, 0241Tactical’s Goggle Covers have been redesigned with new scratch resistant inner lining. This was done at no additional cost – price remains the same as it was in 2015.


They’ve also introduced Cinch Bags made from waterproof 70-Denier ripstop nylon GreenZone® fabric. Perfect for sleeping bags or anything else you need to give protection from moisture. The bags are available in two sizes: Regular – 12″ Diameter X 16″ Tall, and Large – 14″ Diameter X 22″ Tall.


0241 Tactical has also recently introduced Custom Shemaghs which are 44 X 44 inches square with a rolled hem along the edge to prevent fraying and rips. Their Shemagh will provide protection from direct sun exposure, as well to protect the mouth and eyes from blown dust and sand. Additionally (and unlike typical Shemaghs) these Shemaghs will also enhance your overall camouflage scheme by blending perfectly with your PenCott® uniform and equipment.Choose between single sided Shemaghs or double-sided with your choice of PenCott® patterns to be used together.  This is a limited run of items so get them while you can!

f1bcde5c-1b54-456f-bfa1-74ac3c7404c00241 Tactical also recently announced that their Tarps and Rucksack Covers would be available soon in water-resistant, 50D polyester SnowDriffabric.


0241 is also now offering their Wet/Dry Mesh Bags in GreenZone®.  These bags keep your gear safe, clean, and organized for storage or transportation. These bags are also great for holding wet or dirty clothing or kit that you want to keep separate from the rest of your gear.


And last (but not least!), 0241 Tactical has just launched the first product from their new garment line – the Tactical Operators Parka, or TOP anorak.  Two versions available Rain Pullover and Ripstop Operator’s Jacket. Simple in design and affordable for everyone from airsofters to real-steal operator’s. 0241Tactical will be the sole seller (product sold from producer directly to customer means no mark-up!).  Built using genuine Mil-Spec materials with quality American construction. Available in GreenZone® and BadLands®Limited quantities will be available, all orders are built as orders are placed.


  • Large Hood
  • Arm Pocket x2 with velcro loop on pockets (Rain Jackets do not have arm pockets)
  • Draw string waist
  • Draw string hood


  • $49.00 – Rain Jackets
  • $55.00 Ripstop Pullover Jackets

12650817_1111635798854716_4766373325182341452_nCheck out the full range of PenCott® gear at www.0241Tactical.com.