Hyde Definition – in your ears…

We took part recently in a programme on Monocle 24, the 24/7 internet radio outlet modeled on the BBC World Service and part of the same business portfolio as London-headquartered lifestyle magazine Monocle.

Lawrence, was asked to explain how the US Army got into the situation of needing to find a new camouflage pattern for its soldiers’ uniforms and gear.  Then he and Guy Cramer of HyperStealth, were asked to discuss the question of whether this means that digital camouflage is “dead” because of the US Army’s UCP mistake*.

To listen to the archived programme of The Monocle Daily from the 23rd of August, follow the link to the programme home page, scroll back to the 23/08 episode, click play and then fast-forward to the 42 minute mark.


* And speaking of mistakes, the programme host mistakenly referred to Hyde Definition as designers of “traditional camouflage”, and described Guy Cramer as “American” (he’s actually Canadian, and from the same Province as Lawrence).


PenCott-GreenZone in Germany

Our friend Florian over at Svensson Tactical Blog posted a series of photos yesterday featuring SABRE’s Gen.III Special Forces Smock and Sniper trousers in the “GreenZone” variant of our PenCott family of camouflage patterns.  The location was “somewhere along the lower Rhine”, and its easy to see from the photos why the pattern is gaining such a growing following among law enforcement and military special operations units.

Here are a few examples from Florian’s photo-shoot:

You can view the entire gallery here.

Check out SABRE’s website for more info about their smocks, shirts and trousers in the PenCott patterns here.


“GreenZone” IRR patches from COMBAT-ID

COMBAT-ID is the brain-child of Remik Matuszewski from Lodz, Poland – described on his Facebook page as a “one man army of ideas, stuff and technology” – and turns out unique, custom team, call sign, morale, flag and special patches.

One of the defining characteristics of his work is the use of IR reflective and glow-in-the-dark materials.  He’s also a fan of PenCott.  So recently he combined these two interests to produce the team patch for Polish paintball team “Stronghold Group”, and also IRR Canadian and UK flag patches.

“Stronghold Group” team patches.

Subdued IRR Canadian flag patch – – IRR on one side, glow-in-dark on the other. Top photo taken without flash, bottom photo with flash.

Subdued UK flag patch – IRR on one side, glow-in-dark on the other.

Velcro is sewn on around the edges of the patches on both sides so a camouflage patch cover can be fitted if desired.

You can see more of COMBAT-ID’s work on their Facebook page.

KITANICA “Mountain Shorts” in PenCott-Sandstorm

KITANICA was originally founded in 1995 in Brooklyn, NY by master designer, sewer and pattern maker Beej Cronin.  The company is now located near San Francisco, CA and Beej, his brother Chris and their cousin Len produce a growing range of exceptionally durable, distinctive, utilitarian, and comfortable clothing for tactical and outdoor use.  And if you’re a fan of Mythbusters and/or Tac TV you might well have seen Adam Savage and/or Larry Vickers wearing one of KITANICA’s creations on-screen.

KITANICA are also kind of noteworthy for keeping their color options basic – just black, olive drab and khaki – apart from a limited trial with MultiCam, KITANICA don’t really “do” camouflage.  So we felt pretty special when they told us that they are fans of PenCott, and that they’d decided to do a prototype of their new Mountain Shorts in our PenCott-Sandstorm pattern.

The Sandstorm Mountain Shorts are made from our milspec 50/50 NyCo ripstop fabric that’s printed for us by Duro Industries (as are all of our other fabrics), and they include a multitude of practical features.  KITANICA even very kindly sent this pair to our Marketing Director, Lawrence, for evaluation and feedback – so we can attest that this design is a real winner.  As you can see from the overview below, these shorts have a multitude of ergonomically-placed, no-snag, pockets that allow you to carry loads of different items comfortably and conveniently.

Please contact KITANICA directly for further information about the planned availability of their Mountain Shorts, and/or any of their other products in PenCott camouflage.