What is ‘Rasputin Item’?

To satisfy the demand in the airsoft world for economically-priced, quality-made replicas of real-steel gear using high-quality genuine materials, there is a new brand on the market with a rather unusual name.

We’re not sure why they chose the name “Rasputin Item”, but its certainly an original idea to name your tactical gear and garment producing company after a mysterious, and infamous, Russian spiritualist.  But at least they don’t feature an incomprehensible, scraggly-bearded, unwashed, weirdo in their advertising…

What you will find in their product line-up is a range of gear and clothing replicating some of the most highly sought after (and pricey) high-end gear and clothing from the real-steel world.  So, for example, you’ll see replicas of Crye Precision’s G3 Combat Shirt and Combat pants, as well as plate carriers with and without integrated mag pouches for assault rifles or sub-machine guns, and various other admin pouches and such.

Rasputin%20N3%20Combat%20Shirts%20Pencott%20Greenzone%20a Rasputin%20RS3%20Combat%20Shirts%20Pencott%20Badlands%20a Rasputin%20N3%20Combat%20Shirts%20Pencott%20Sandstorm%20a Rasputin%20Item%20RS3%20Combat%20Pants%20Greenzone%20a Rasputin%20Item%20RS3%20Combat%20Pants%20Badlands%20a Rasputin%20Item%20RS3%20Combat%20Pants%20Sandstorm%20a1723795_783922948369402_3080984008080606828_n 10411432_783922908369406_1318501136399116111_n

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All of the items are made using genuine, high-quality, military-grade materials featuring authentic PenCott™ camouflage patterns – currently GreenZone, BadLands™ and SandStorm™.  Production is done in China to keep the price of the finished goods low, and the Rasputin Item product range is currently available through the following international retailers:  Gunfire ( Poland ),  JDT ( Taiwan ),  Kinwa ( Japan ), Tango Tactical ( Italy ).

You can also find the entire Rasputin Item range online at www.ebairsoft.com, and you can follow their latest updates on Facebook at www.facebook.com/rasputinitem.

Oh, and about their advertising, well….