‘Infection’ trousers from ZombieHunter.eu

Something new, and quite a bit different from the usual…

Is it fashion, is it tactical? Is it something in between – like, um, ‘fashtical‘? However you want to describe it, ZombieHunter.eu is a new brand out of Slovakia that is leveraging their team’s combined experience in selling tactical and sportwear clothes to produce tactical fashion for women.


This young company has high ambitions and fresh ideas and the ‘Infection’ pants are their first product.  The ‘Infection’ pants feature many practical, tactical design features – but in a more female-friendly and fashionable cut. The pants are made with high-quality branded components such as YKK®, Velcro®, and Cordura®, and use genuine, military-grade PenCott® camouflage 50/50 NyCo ripstop fabric as well.

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Check them out online, on Facebook and on Instagram.

SixKa® brand clothing and boots by 707 TACTICAL GEAR featuring PENCOTT® camouflage patterns

Although fabrics in the PenCott® family of advanced camouflage patterns have been printed in the USA since July 2011, finished products in the patterns have been harder to obtain in the Americas than they have in Europe – especially garments.

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707 Tactical Gear out of Miami, Florida is now making a wide range of tactical clothing and boots in PenCott® camouflage patterns under their SixKa® brand.  All SixKa® brand / 707 Tactical Gear products are designed specifically to their clients requests and cut-and-sewn from U.S.-made milspec materials in the company’s wholly-owned factories in Mexico.

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