Czech airsoft retailer moRRisCZ launches full range of PenCott™ clothing and gear

PenCott™ fans in the Czech Republic, and anyone else who can read Czech, will be happy to see that there is now a local manufacturer and retailer offering a full range of clothing and gear in PenCott™.

Visitors to the website of MorrisCZ will be able to see a complete line of GreenZone™ clothing, headgear and load-carrying gear – see examples below – as well as a full line of BadLands™ kit coming soon as well.

5607-L 5608-L 5629-L 5609-L 5610_01 5468-PG 5472-PG 5473-PG

It might be made for the airsoft market, but all products are made to military specifications for quality and durability – and the irony is that Czech airsofters will now have better camouflage uniforms and gear than the Czech military!



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