US Night Vision Corp introduces Mag Wraps™ in PenCott® patterns

Mag Wraps™ come 3 in  a pack, will fit any 30rd AR-15 magazine, are easy to install and offer the ultimate in protection and camouflage for your magazines.  And now they are available in the PenCott-GreenZone™ camo pattern too!

These premium US-made wraps offer superior UV protection, chemical resistance, protection from scuffs and scrapes, are completely waterproof and are finished in a non-reflective matte outer coating. They work equally well on steel, aluminum and polymer magazines, and leave zero residue when removed.


Currently available in GreenZone™ – BadLands™ and SnowDrift™ to follow.  Other Rapid Wraps™ products in PenCott patterns are in development.

Zombie Zone and SCDTV Christmas SnowDrift Competition

This Christmas, the Elves from Zombie Zone have joined forces with the Elves from SCDTV – and those from the far north – and have prepared something very special for you…

First a little back-story…  Last Christmas Eve, Santa Claus received many disturbing signals that bad green lizard-goblins were trying to destroy Christmas.  There were dozens of reports of them robbing people’s Christmas stockings- stealing from them things like tactical folding knives, backpacks, and various other pieces of tactical and survival equipment. In the place of the stolen items they put, tight pants, razors, pink wool sweaters, perfume, flowers, and other stuff intended to make men weak…

1525191_497991430317884_1682875026_nAfter painstakingly gathering all the evidence and analyzing footage from tapping into cameras in laptops, smart phones, tablets and carefully hidden in childrens’ toys, the record clearly showed that the evil goblins usually robbed red Christmas stockings.

So, the elves from Zombie Zone and SCDTV came to the conclusion that the best Christmas stockings should be camouflaged. Together, they then set up a new headquarters and Camouflage Research Center in Lapland. Elf Dudek from SCDTV tested virtually all commercially available camouflage patterns over the next months. The winning pattern, with a success rate of evading detection 97.3% of the time was PenCott-SnowDrift. To ensure 100% success, the ZZ/SCDTV elves added a special goblin repellent solution to the fabric.


Unfortunately, due to the amount of time that was needed to study the surveillance footage from last Christmas, to analyze all available camouflage patterns, and develop and test the special goblin repellent, the elf team only had enough time to make 3 of these special SnowDrift™ Christmas stockings.

Two of the special stockings will remain at the Lapland HQ and Camouflage Research Center in Lapland for further study, the 3rd one will be given away in a special competition!

So, now you may well be wondering what you have to do in order to win this incredibly rare, and exceptionally effective Anti-Goblin-Camouflaged-Christmas-Stocking…  Well, its quite simple really.  Just follow this 4-step process:

1. ‘Like’ Zombie Zone on Facebook.
2. ‘Like’ SCDTV on Facebook.
3. Publish and share this post with all of your friends and connections on Facebook so that people will hide and camouflage their Christmas stockings better.  We are certain that the goblins will attack again this year….
4. Create an image / take a photo of any Zombie Zone gadget in a winter or Christmas setting and send it to them via email or in a private message on Facebook.

Zombie Zone and SCDTV will create a special folder on Facebook where you will be able to view all of the contest submissions – and at midnight on December 31st a jury of the elves will sit at a round table with Santa Claus and choose the winner!

“Expeditionsfeldmuetze” in PenCott™ family of patterns now available from SIERRA-313

You might have a hard time getting your tongue around that long name for these caps, so you could always call it an M-43-style Field Cap instead.


But whatever you call it, SIERRA-313, together with Taunus Taktik,  has answered the demand for this type of cap and is now offering them in all 4 PenCott colorways, as well as a host of other camouflage patterns and solid colors.


Each cap is hand-made in Germany, and will only be available for a limited time – so get one while you can!


Battle Systems MPIL MK1 (Marker Panel, Individual, Lightweight) – now available in GreenZone™ and BadLands™

The Battle Systems MPIL MK1 (Marker Panel, Individual, Lightweight) is now available in PenCott-BadLandsand GreenZone.

10262063_715202138503306_1423934171680607616_nThe MPIL MK1 is designed and manufactured in the USA by Battle Systems LLC, and is intended to be a replacement for the legacy VS-17 panels commonly used in the military for signaling and recognition. The MPIL MK1 however, is extremely packable and lightweight – which makes it far more practical and convenient to use as an individual signal panel.

305548_407476665942523_965269732_nSpecial Features:

  • Gutted 550 cord loops on each corner to secure the marker panel to a surface
  • 2″x2″ IR square will be available as a drop-down menu option when ordering (US orders only; ITAR restricted item)
  • Packable and lightweight, the Marker Panel, Individual, LW easily stores in your shoulder or calf pocket – also a perfect fit in an admin/utility pouch

1535701_655568584466662_1421825278_nBattle Systems LLC is two infantry Marine veterans; 0331 and 0351. They design and make products intended for infantry use based on their combined experience of 6 deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, international training operations, stateside schools, and cadre experience at the USMC Mountain Warfare Training Center.

The Marker Panel, Individual, LW is ideal for civilian applications as well. Stow an MPIL in your backpacking/adventure gear as part of your signal/survival kit.  As seen below on the top of Mt. Baker, WA. (10,781 ft).


If you’re trekking in the alpines or the lowlands and anywhere in between, you should definitely have a proper signaling contingency. Achieving this with the most compact, lightweight package possible is what the MPIL System is all about.

Visit Battle Systems website  ( ) for further information on the MPIL MK1, and the rest of their great products.


“Recce Boonies” in PenCott™ family of patterns now available from SIERRA-313

SIERRA-313 have reworked the famous short-brimmed, “recce”-style bush hats worn by UK and South African Special Forces, and come up with a unique and improved design of their own.

1009_7The SIERRA-313 Recce Boonie features a preformed short brim, a cloth foliage loop that goes all around the hat, 2 ventilation eyelets on each side, a patch of loop fastener for affixing “cat eyes”, a map/ID pocket inside the crown, and a special “signal red” band sewn into the inside of the crown for emergency signaling purposes.

10003963_10153075783456808_149340386699561614_n10250293_10153075789281808_830090652808716211_nGet them here – be sure to “like” SIERRA-313 on facebook as well.

And don’t forget – SIERRA-313 also has PenCott nametapes too!



PenCott™ Camouflage Webbing And Tape Now Shipping

Texcel Industries is now fulfilling orders for webbing and tape in our PenCott™ Multi-Environment Camouflage family of patterns.

They have all current patterns available including GreenZone™, BadLands™, SandStorm™, and SnowDrift™.  For pricing and orders contact:

Texcel PenCott webbing

For a limited time, we are also running a special promotion on our Cordura fabrics in honor of the launch of the webbing and tape products – get 20% off the normal price when you order at least 50 yards of either 500D or 1000D Cordura.  Contact and mention the promo code “WEB20”.


PenCott™ camouflage featured at IWA 2013 international firearms and outdoor gear exhibition

This year’s IWA & Outdoor Classics trade fair in Nurmeberg, Germany (8-11 March) will include, for the first time, an extensive representation of the PenCott family of camouflage patterns.

Hyde Definition – UK / USA

(stand #508, Hall 7A)

Stop by the Hyde Definition booth to see samples of the full range of PenCott printed fabrics and materials – as well as garments and gear in PenCott camouflage from several manufacturers from around the globe.  Also featured will be the first public appearance of PenCott printed webbing from Texcel Industries.

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