What Is the Abbreviation for Million?


Owing to guarantees, many first-time borrowers were able to generate credit history, which made it easier for them to obtain loans in future. When maintained in proper balanced, with assets equaling liabilities, such arrangements are referred to a fully-funded obligations or liabilities. In less technical terms, the AAL represents the amount that should already have been set aside in a prefunded-investment account to pay for future, post-retirement healthcare benefits based upon the employees existing record of past service.

Wondering how to abbreviate million, billion, and thousand on a resume? Read this complete guide on when and how to use common resume abbreviations. Generally, the abbreviation with two M’s is preferred in finance. Why is there such a difference in terms when they basically mean the same thing? K comes from the Greek world “kilo” which means one thousand and is used in metric / decimal systems. An amount in the accounting and financial world shown as $14K would equate to $14,000.00.

When not to use abbreviations

Afiduciaryis alegalor ethical relationship oftrustbetween two or moreparties. Typically, a fiduciary prudently takes care of money for another person. One party, for example a corporate trust company or the trust department of a bank, acts in a fiduciary capacity to the other one, who for example has funds entrusted to it for investment. In a fiduciary relationship, one person, in a position of vulnerability, justifiably vests confidence,good faith, reliance and trust in another whose aid, advice or protection is sought in some matter. In such a relation good conscience requires the fiduciary to act at all times for the solebenefitand interest of the one who trusts. A government mandated Annual financial report for all public entities.

financial reporting

Another theory is that it is a misprinting of the Greek letter phi.

What is the origin of the word Million?

I used those what does mm means until I wrote this blog post and read all the comments. Since then, I have spelled million because it seems as though the opportunity for confusing readers is pretty high. One answer I came across as to why some industries uses USCS and not metric is that when the industrial revolution happened, measurements were based on the imperial system and as time went on, it was too cost prohibitive to change.

  • However, I would not bet that that is a standard abbreviation.
  • Sick funds were also financed by co-payments, mostly for prescription drugs.
  • At Old Republic Surety we seek to deliver you transparency and clarity in our communications.
  • In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to abbreviate million, billion and thousand on a resume, as well as other common resume abbreviations you should be using.
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We’ve interviewed 50+ hiring managers and past career changers to find out how you can be more successful in your job search. We’ve condensed their insights into this step-by-step checklist, and packed it with insider tools and strategies you won’t get anywhere else. We’ve interviewed 50+ hiring managers and recruiters and identified the 10 most important things they want to see on your resume. You might also want to use abbreviations to indicate physical size. To abbreviate “square foot,” use “ft2” — there’s no need to get fancy with superscript like “ft2”.

What is 500k in money?

As stated above, MM is generally used in business to represent millions since the letter M by itself has historically meant 1,000. That said, if your organization uses M and it doesn’t cause confusion, you are free to use M to abbreviate one million. When plural, as in “millions,” it refers to multiples of 1,000,000. In its simplest terms, a million is “one thousand thousand”. The word “million” is most often used in reference to money, but is also frequently used in exaggeration. The word “million” can be paired with the suffix “-aire” to form the word millionaire which indicates an individual with a million or more dollars.


It’s then up to the reader to note the context, with the document stating the place value once at the beginning and not again. At Old Republic Surety we seek to deliver you transparency and clarity in our communications. If you see an abbreviation that is confusing or unclear, please reach out to your local underwriter or branch for clarification, even if you are just asking for a friend. If you would like to learn more about Old Republic Surety and some of our services like Commercial Surety Bonds, Contract Bonds, or just want more information, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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The “future normal costs” would be those amounts that the employer “should be” setting aside in their current year’s expenditures for the benefits being earned during the current year. Only use abbreviations on your resume when they are common and easily understood. Abbreviating “million” as “M” is fine, because recruiters can easily understand what you’re trying to say. Abbreviating “hundred” as “H” would be strange, because it’s not an abbreviation you’re likely to find anywhere else.

  • Formal SMEs contribute up to 40% of national income in emerging economies.
  • Use abbreviations in informal scenarios like notes and unimportant communication where context exists.
  • Some of the Official Reports made it compulsory to represent millions.
  • You can also use the abbreviation “mil” in casual conversation.
  • Large organizations use millions to represent their reports.
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